This MiG-21 ad is ungodly stupid in all the right ways

The "So Bad It's Good" phenomenon is a very interesting one - the true progenitors of the concept, Manos, The Hands of Fate and Zardoz make it clear that their, um, "auteurs" legitimately tried for cinematic greatness despite limited budgets and an inability to articulate their truly bizarre and overly high-concept ideas. They weren't trying to make something that could be enjoyed in spite of how awful it is - from the creators' perspective, the awfulness is in spite of their would-be greatness. It's almost a happy accident that they're so awful, there's something worth salvaging to enjoy, a true cinematic trainwreck you can't divert your eyes from.

Skip to this side of the Millennium turnover and "So Bad It's Good" is a valid creative goal in itself. The true masters of this trope, perhaps none better than "Tommy Wiseau" and his magnum opus, The Room leave the viewer completely clueless as to what the director's true intention is. Is he really just this awful, or is he intentionally going for The Rocky Horror Picture Show but without the musical numbers?


Of course, there's nothing wrong with telegraphing your Velveeta-dripping intent upfront either. That brings us to this ad from plastic model company Eduard for a new MiG-21 kit in the works:

It's got all the right elements: an incredibly hot blonde who (and this is putting it generously) can barely act, tongue-in-cheek humor involving arachnids and not so much a complete and utter disregard for the environment as so much outright wanton immolation of the forestry kind.


Ya paying attention Lincoln? You don't need incredibly bizarre Twitter-based campaigns misguided by Jimmy Fallon, hipster couples interviewing cars, or a failure of a fashion gallery sponsorship that makes us question your sanity. Who knew that all this time, while you were setting Town Cars on fire you should've been setting trees on fire!

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