Selfie: An Honest Assessment, From Someone Who More or Less Lived It

One of the big TV industry buzz items this week is the cancellation of ABC single-cam comedy Selfie, starring Karen Gillan and John Cho (of Doctor Who and Star Trek fame, as ABC themselves incessantly pointed out). The comedy is yet another take on the My Fair Lady/Pygmalion approach: turn a woman who's less than a…

Graveyard Shift Confessions: I put K-Roll to shame and probably get myself banned from here

Now I just want to clarify that I don't want to get myself banned from here and I'm not trying to say that I actively hate any particular group of people or any particular group or organization associated with Gawker Media. I love all the people here so I don't want to single them out, or throw any vitriol towards…


This MiG-21 ad is ungodly stupid in all the right ways

The "So Bad It's Good" phenomenon is a very interesting one - the true progenitors of the concept, Manos, The Hands of Fate and Zardoz make it clear that their, um, "auteurs" legitimately tried for cinematic greatness despite limited budgets and an inability to articulate their truly bizarre and overly high-concept…

Is this the most critical review from MotorWeek you'll ever see?

Ah, MotorWeek. Perhaps most (in?)famous for its crazy take on the importance of econobox smooth shift throws and, to borrow a phrase from Jack Baruth, a review style that can be fairly described as summing up to "everybody's a winner." Seriously, have you ever seen a negative review from MotorWeek? They even gave the