I think the reason why is because they're pretty, large and majestic so it's hardly surprising. I was bitten by the commercial aviation bug too, that's why I know so much about these things. » 11/21/14 8:32pm Yesterday 8:32pm

So I'm going to owe over $8k from when I was hospitalized

and this is pretty much an impossible amount for me to afford, even in installments. I'm going to call the hospital on Monday with my therapist to see if we can negotiate it (way, way) down, but other than that I don't know what to do. This has turned into a really desperate financial situation and I'm really wishing… » 11/21/14 6:56pm Yesterday 6:56pm

Typically that kind of stuff can only be offered through a prescription. Fainting can be a sign of shortness of breath or lack of block flow - take deep breaths, make all of your motions slow and deliberate and don't lock your knees. » 11/20/14 9:02pm Thursday 9:02pm

The Millers Just Did a Tongue-in-Cheek Nod to its Own Cancellation

The multi-cam sitcom The Millers has been hemorrhaging viewership since losing its The Big Bang Theory lead-in on Thursdays and switching to Mondays with 2 Broke Girls, to the point where production has been suspended. And even the show itself knows it. Tonight's The Millers features Will Arnet's character confronting… » 11/17/14 10:19pm Monday 10:19pm

I like writing and reading, as you can probably tell by some of my higher-quality posts. Major chunks of my life have revolved around reading since I had chemotherapy and it's probably the major reason that convinced me to try to be a teacher, though I'm not so sure about the wisdom of that now. » 11/17/14 10:07pm Monday 10:07pm