Graveyard Shift Random Musings - Torchinsky-Wannabe Edition

This really isn't meant to be a coherent post per se rather than a collection of random musings of some write-ups I've been thinking of doing - but, sadly, to truly appreciate them requires Torchinsky-level doodling skill. I'll explain why as I run down through each idea: » 8/01/14 1:10am Today 1:10am

I'm honestly not sure. The '72 and '73 (and the '71? When did they make this body style again?) were actually the specific reasons why the Mustang II looked good in comparison at the time. It almost looks like it ballooned up to Gran Torino size (in fact I don't think I'm the only one since apparently people still… » 7/31/14 2:03pm Yesterday 2:03pm

I would get an XF over a 5 and an F-Type over a Z4 so probably. The Jaguars now are absolutely gorgeous cars, probably the most gorgeous sedans in the sub-$150k range right now (except the XJ, sorry, but it simply looks to big to the point where the proportions suggest a parody of a Jag, and yes I know I'm literally… » 7/31/14 1:57pm Yesterday 1:57pm

Ugh - sometimes it really does suck to live in Colorado

People think Colorado is all snow and cold weather and a lack of moisture and poor-taste jokes about mass shootings and cultural entertainment references that become obsolete within the show's own living memory) (so in other words your typical Family Guy gag, hi-yo!) But the rain we've been getting nonstop for almost… » 7/31/14 1:38pm Yesterday 1:38pm